University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, North Carolina



Every semester at midnight on the first day of exams, students run naked across the 2 major student libraries. Wearing nothing but shoes and a mask, they sing the Alma mater. After they finish their song, they all sprint back to their abandoned clothes gasping for air. This traditions usually lasts all of 20 minutes but it is a huge laugh for everyone. Around half an hour before midnight, students abandon their exam studying to witness this Tar Heel tradition. The earliest record of this streaking tradition was in 1974. This streaking trend spread to many schools across the nation but soon faded away. However the trend remains an annual tradition at UNC.


Rameses is the ram mascot of UNC. There are two versions of him. There is the ram costume mascot and the live ram. Rameses is the only living mascot of a ACC team. Rameses gets his horns painted Carolina blue before games. He generally attends football games and then the costume version attends anything else.

Old Well

There are two traditions associated with the old well. The first is to drink from it on your first day of class. This is said to bring the student good luck and good grades. The other tradition is called the old well walk. On game days, the football team is dropped off by the well and then walk to the field from there. This also is supposed to bring luck.