England Project

Due Tuesday, November 25th by 9pm.

For this project, you will research the Elizabethan Age, The Restoration, and the Glorious Revolution.

For each time period within English history, you will research the following information:

1. Time period

2. Primary Rulers during this time

3. Memorable battles that took place surrounding or during this time.

4. How the country was changed as a result of this time period.

You will create a Smore flyer that includes all of the previous information. For each of the 3 time periods, provide textual information, pictures, and any additional information you would like! You should write all information using complete sentences. :)

Your Smore will be graded on the accuracy of the information, grammar (spelling, capitalization, etc.), creativity, and neatness.

To Create Your Smore:

1. Begin by logging on to www.smore.com and select "Try Smore Now"

2. It will ask you to complete the log in information and sign up using an email address to create your Smore...Don't worry, it's totally free :)

3. After you have created your account, select "Create New Flyer"

4. Select "Blank Flyer"

5. The title of your flyer should be (Your first name, last initial, English History Project)

6. Scroll to "Add More Stuff to your Flyer" to add new text boxes, pictures, etc.

7. You may change the background and theme of your flyer by selecting "Design" to the right of your flyer.

8. Be creative! The options are endless!

To Submit Your Flyer:

1. Make sure you save your flyer after any additions are made.

2. At the top of your flyer to the right, select "Update Page."

3. At the very top, you will see a box indicating how to share your flyer.

4. Select "Share With Email"

5. Click "Pick Recipients"

6. In "Recipients" Section, type my email, baynesh08@gmail.com. Click "next step."

7. For the subject, please type your Name, Last Initial, England Project.

8. Select "Send Flyer"