Make Lemonade, then and now!

The Past and Present of Sexism, Racism, and Heresy

Women's Discrimination in The United States 1900-2015


Until 2013 women have been denied the same rights as men across The United States, because of the long lasting ideological view that put women under men.

20th century ideology against women, black people, and Indians

Sexism, Racism, and Heresy

During the 20th century women were seen as a stay home mom in today's terms, but with an awful violent twist. They'd cook, clean, and look after the kids while the man in the family went out to work, or to war. Husbands could beat, rape, and basically treat their wives like slaves if they so desired. Not only this, but African Americans were segregated as well. They had to eat, sleep, sit, and even go to the bathroom in different, not as well maintained buildings. Black Americans were racial minors in america for a long time, until the acts of Martin Luther King Jr. caused the government to take action. America wasn't the only place Blacks were treated poorly, early 20th century Great Britain, the native South Africans were slaughtered in death camps similar to what Hitler would use 40 years later. Native Indians were also treated as racial minors, they were enslaved, and starved by their English overlords. Going back to Hitler, Nazi Germany slaughtered the Jewish faith in Europe, and their supposed liberators in the east raped all the women in the event which goes down in history as the rape of Europe.

Fighting back

In 1961 John F Kennedy passed the "Commission on the Status of Women" giving women affordable child care, the ability to make recommendations to make improvements to the commission, maternity leave, fair hiring prices, and banned the discrimination against women in the work place. The before mentioned Martin Luther King Jr. fought for black rights in The U.S., making his famous "I have a dream" Speech. In India, Gandhi, who inspired Luther, fought for Indian rights in India with his passive protests.

Modern Discrimination in America

Women's Discrimination

Because America is land of the free, home of the brave, we have freedom of speech. This allows people to freely express their beliefs in public. This can be used, however, to show your feelings to a certain sex, or race. Like people who hate a specific sex today are called sexists, most commonly, its guy against girl. Sexists against women believe that they should not receive the same rights as men do, and should go back to the way it was in the 1950's.

Racial Discrimination

People again use freedom of speech to show how they feel a race is inferior to us and should be either eradicated or not receive the same rights. We still do have people who oppose African Americans, but a more modern racial discrimination is people against Muslims. The whole terror scare in the middle east has caused a negative outlook on it's inhabitants, the Muslim people. Syrians flock into Europe through Turkey, and make their stay in the most friendly area to Muslims, Germany. Our involvement in European affairs brings us into the refugee sphere, along with Canada. We are not going to allow the Syrians into the country, however, Canada is, showing our hate for these people.

Religious Discrimination

In our first amendment we have freedom of religion, but people still have religious conflict in America, like my religion is better than yours. It isn't a big problem here, but it could still happen.

Modern Discrimination is the World

Modern Discrimination Against Women in the World

Like mentioned before, Islamic extremists treat women as property, as such, in Islamic countries, this is the law. Women in countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia must follow the laws of Islam, by covering up, never leaving your husband, or being seen with another man who is not your husband or son.

Modern Discrimination Against Race in the world

Apparently there is no case of racism in the modern day, outside of America. other countries just don't care. I could talk about the Syrian refugee crisis, but Europe has a very good reason to keep them out. The refugees are trying to make the country their taking shelter in more like theirs, and if it was so bad there that they left, then why would they do that? Because the whole Syrian Refugee thing is all a rouse by ISIS to do a coup of Europe.

Modern Religious Discrimination in the World

Like the before mentioned Syrian Refugee crisis, Europe is discriminating against the Islamic people coming into their country. If your a faithful follower of Islam you might be looked down upon in Europe, even if your not from Syria.

Examples of Prejudice in LHS

Here in LHS there is a belief stored into the minds of freshmen band kids that the upper class men hate you, and will most likely not care for your contribution as a whole. From what I have gathered, this is somewhat true. Some upperclassmen believe that the incoming students are minorities and shouldn't receive the same rights they do. They even boo'd at us when we didn't now the lancer theme song during the pep rally, because no one bothered to teach us it.

Women's Rights Movements in the 20th Century

Important Moments in the History of Women's Rights

  • 1903 The National Women's Trade Union League (WTUL) is established to improve wages for women, and improve their working conditions.
  • 1913 Alice Paul and Lucy Burns form the Congressional Union to pass an amendment to the constitution to allow women the right to vote.
  • 1919 The women's' suffrage act, originally proposed by Susan B. Anthony in 1878, is passed.
  • 1920 The Women's Bureau is established to safeguard working conditions for women.
  • 1935 Mary McLeod Bethune organizes The National Council of Negro Women, a coalition of black women who fight sexism and racism.
  • 1955 The Daughters of Bilitis is the first lesbian organization in The United States, founded first as a social group, it evolved into a political one for basic acceptance of lesbians in the United States.
  • 1961 President John F Kennedy founds the President's Commission on the Status of Women with Eleanor Roosevelt as Chairwomen. (see above under "20th Century Ideology")
  • 1963 Betty Friedan publishes a very successful book called "The Feminine Mystique" about the dissatisfaction is house wives across The United States.
  • 1966 The National Organization for Women is established, seeking the end of sexual discrimination.
  • 1968 The EEOC bans segregated news paper ads and help wanted calls.
  • 1970 The equal pay act is passed allowing for women to receive the same pay as men.
  • 1976 The first martial rape law is passed in Nebraska making it illegal for a husband to rape his wife.
  • 1978 The Pregnancy Discrimination act is passed making it illegal to discriminate against pregnant women.
  • 1986 The supreme court finds sexual harassment a form of job discrimination
  • 1994 The Violence against women act is established to make federal punishment for sex offenders worse.
  • 1999 Women can now sue for being sexually harassed.

Women vs. Men Today.

Global Differences Between Women and Men.

On the global scale, women aren't that behind men. In most countries women can enjoy the same rights as men can, unless your in the Middle East, or a European country who wants Syrian Refugees like Germany. Soon Canada can be added to this list, because of their Islamic leader who wants the Refugees inside of his country.

Local to Global, People Fighting for Women's Rights

Because of the modern boom of the internet, people can seemingly anonymously share their interests without starting a revolution. The feminists have moved onto the internet, and share their ideas threw social media, YouTube, and websites. Their voice can be heard from any where in the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Make Lemonade and Women's Rights

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The book Make Lemonade is about a 17 year old mother living in the ghetto who barely keep her kids fed. Until a girl who goes by LaVaugh steps into their life and rocks their world. The book Make Lemonade relates to women's rights because, Jolly is a women in poverty, who is beat up, and works in a factory probably not getting minimum wage. She has been denied the same rights as men have, and is beaten up for speaking out. This whole book is about Jolly's journey back to standard human rights, who is interchangeable with any women who is going through poverty as we speak.

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