NEWS O' LIFE (sucks!)

I don't care!


New settlements were made in the sea area and it has made new trade routes. Learn more if you read on.

The new settlements are next to the sea it has a big fish and people population. It has a great risk of a floods and more people keep coming to the town to trade or live their and the settlement has a lot of farmland and the place gets asses to a lot of water and goods. The storm that is coming to the settlement will certainly destroy a lot of buildings and kill people if not inside. Also a new farming settlement has been made to get more crops and it has been at war a couple of times. The settlement has survive all of the ataxics.

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There is a weather emergency is in place. Read on to learn on.

There is a big storm coming and your home and family needs to be ready and safe. You can close your door and board up your window holes and save your food from all the flooding to the farmland will make it so we can not have lot of food. On the other hand we will have nice weather after the storm and before the storm.
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