All About Me

Vera Li

My family

Dad - Yiwen

Mom - Xiuyun

Older Sister - Jing


Favorite Movie

Probably, Biccentennial Man
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Favorite Vacation Spot

Virginia's Beach. The warm sand feels really nice there, and the change of environment is good.
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My favorite dream home & place to live

A relatively small house in Vancouver. With a basement so I can be a bum and hide from the sun.
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Dream Job

To be an animator.
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Favorite College and Sports Team

Hmm, not really into sports, but I like the University of Arizona.
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Favorite Restaurant

Panda Cafe
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1st Period - Dr. Barkley - Language Arts

2nd Period - Ms. Boone - Latin

3rd Period - Ms. Serna - Homeroom

4th Period - Ms. Serna - Science

5th Period - Ms. Eichler - Math

6th Period - Ms. Greenwood - Social Studies

7th Period - Ms. Thomson - Orchestra

8th Period - Ms. Stovall - Business & Computer Science

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Super Powers

  • Flight
  • The power to make anyone be quiet.
  • Control of Water
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The End