Physical Education in School

Physical Education is needed

Obseity is a problem

Without exercise you can not be physically fit. Working out makes you feel good and confident about your image. Overweight children has tripled in the past 30 years. As normal size children are gaining more weight, the kids that are already heavy and becoming heavier. There are many bad consequences to this such as, depressive symptoms, type 2 diabetes, early puberty, asthma, poor body image and many more. Physical Education needs to be encouraged in school.

Consequences of no P.E

Physical Education is a very important thing in life and would be a great privilege in school to have. Without it kids may become overweight and if comes to worst, you can have many health problems such as, mental disorders, heart disease, breathing problems, gall stones, permeate gagging, and for woman pregnancy complications. Working out can help people that suffer from depression. Its clinically found that working out makes you happier. Running, walking, swimming, bicycling, tennis and cross country is all fun ways to get exercise.

Out comes of Phyiscal Education

If you get Physical Education your body will not only be healthy but your mind as well. If you get more exercise your spine becomes stronger and more flexible, your will gain muscle, even your bones become stronger, and as oxygen gives off it makes it easier for the blood to flow. You need at least an hour of exercise everyday to be healthy. Lack of exercise may shorten your lifetime and make you more to have an illness. Attending exercise classes is one of the most common way to stay fit. Also Physical Education can you mentally happier or after you exercise it can make you in a happier mood then you were before.


Physical education needs to be monitory in school. It can help kids in the long run to be more healthy and athletic or even to help kids want to be fit. It will help kids not to become obese and help the kids that are already overweight to loose weight. It can lessen deaths of obesity as well. Physical fitness is very important, everyone needs it.
Educating the Student Body: Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to School

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By: Gianna Sciortino