Baseball terms and definitions

By hank boot


A game played between two teams of 9 on a field with diamond shaped circuit of four bases . It is played chiefly in the us

Hank Aron

Hank Aaron nicknamed the hammer or hammerin hank was one of the greatest baseball player in his time. He played 23 seasons in Major League Baseball from 1954 to 1976

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Ground ball

A baseball that is hit on the ground also called a grounder

Babe Ruth

George Herman nicknamed babe ruth he was one of the best baseball player he spent 22 season in Major League Baseball and played for 3 teams

The diamond

The four bases of the base ball infield

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was an American baseball player who became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball in the modern era


When the batter holds hi s bat out and tries nearly tap the ball

lou gehrig

lou gehrig nicknamed the iron horse cause he marked the most consecutive games he played from 1920 to 1930

change up

a slow pitch that is meant to look much faster

fly ball

a baseball that is hit high in the air

on deck

the next batter due to bat


when a pitcher throws four foul balls to the batter and he gets to go to first place

foul ball

a base ball that is hit outside the field

pinch hitter

a substitute baseball hitter


the battery include two different player, the pitcher and catcher

load the bases

when a base runner is at all three bases

clean up

the fourth batter in the batting order, usually a power hitter

position player

any baseball player except the pitcher

roberto clemente

he brocke the batting records in the 1960s