Cotton Gin

About the Cotton Gin

  • Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in 1793.
  • The cotton gin separated the seed from cotton fiber.
  • It helped the people in the West because it made them faster at separating cotton then them doing it by hand.
  • Farmers were able to plant more cotton because before the cotton gin was invented it was so difficult to get the seeds out and now it went faster because of the cotton gin.
  • The people in the West thought that cotton gin would get rid of most of the slaves, but it actually did the opposite and increased the demand for slave labor.
  • The cotton gin made the industry and market grow in the north.
  • The increase of slaves because of the cotton gin caused big agreements between the North and South.
  • The cotton gin is still the same at Whitney's back then but it has more computerized things that allow them to do way more than the one in 1793.