Hunter's INK Portfolio

Hunter Lindaman

Due: Wednesday, June 1st
Course: Creative Writing

Instructor: Penley

Table Of Contents

  1. Journal Entries (5)
  2. Writer's Observations (5)
  3. Story SLAM (1)
  4. Poetry (5)
  5. Flash Fiction (2)
  6. Short Story (1)
  7. Screenplay (1)
  8. Extra Piece (1)
  9. Revision of Camping
  10. Course Reflection
This story was about when I was nine and was sharpening a stick. I accidentally slit my thumb open. I still have the scar from this.
This is a story about this guy that calls the cops almost every day and pretends that there is a pervert outside of his house. When the cops get there, they find out that he lives there.
This story was about how I went on my first fishing trip and I caught a catfish when we were all ready to leave. I wanted to catch one more fish.
This is a story about how we were almost stuck in the bahammas because a taxi driver took a while to see if anyone needed a ride back.
This story was about how when I was young, I had fell off my brothers bike onto the concrete and busted my chin open.
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This story slam was about the time I went to the Bahamas and had just got on my first cruise. I was really excited about going to these different places.
This was a poem that I wrote in 7th grade for Earth Day. This poem has an ABAB pattern.
This Is a poem that I had written last semester. It is basically about my past and where I grew up. There is no rhyme pattern to the poem and it tells a story.
This is a haiku about the fish I have in my refrigerator.
A tanka is a poem that has 31 syllables in a 5/7/5/7/7 pattern. I wrote this tanka about icecream!
This poem is about a time I went fishing. Then went to the pool after.
This is a story about a kid that was going fishing on a normal day. Then it takes a turn for the worse.
This is a story about a boulder that randomly appears in this town and replaces this guys car. This then sends the town in to a panic.
I wrote this story because over this last summer I was at Jordan Lake and witnessed someone drown to death. This story was about a group of friends trying to go camping and them basically all getting killed.
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This is a story about how a group of friends go to a comedy club. This one friend wants to go up, but is to shy. His friends sign him up for it and he ends up being fine.
This is a story about a dog that learns a good lesson about how he shouldn't drink gasoline and run through the house.