The hard times

Dear Dr.smoothe,I have read your column for years,but i never thought that i would be writing to you.I tried going to meetings of women who love to much but im still hurting,so i thought maybe you could help me.My problem is that the guy i love does not want to be in the same room with me.He has me running around like a slave.If only he would love me for who i am.sincearlely,a pitiful pesent in love.

The Response

     Dear a pitiful pesent in love,Your problom is that  you love someone who totally feels diffrent about you. you should stop loveing him first off because you could move on with your life,instead of being stuck on one person for the rest of it.you could try going out more, taking love classes like you said, or just meet someone new.to be honost the only down side is you might not find any one new to spend your life with,or to love.Also on to of all that he is in love with your best friend.I also think that cuipid should poor his flour on demetrius because then you both will be crazy for each other.The down side for that is he will not truely and soulfullylove you like natural love.Well thats my advice a pitiful pesent in love.sincearely Dr.smoothe.