Save The Growling Grass Frogs

Together we can save the future!

Help us save the growling grass frogs

Did you know?

one of our beautiful creatures are at a risk of being endangered, so we need your help to save them!!

Where are they found?

Growling Grass Frogs (known as the Litoria raniformis) are found throughout Victoria in woodland, or open disturbed areas. They are generally found in association with and call

from, permanent ponds, dams, lagoons or lakes. Growling Grass Frogs may also be found in ephemeral ponds.

The Growling Grass Frog, one of the largest frog species in Australia, was previously widespread across Victoria. They are now endangered.

How We Can Help!!

You can help by becoming a Wildlife Warrior. A wildlife warrior is a conservation charity. The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital cares for over 7,500 sick and injured animals each year.

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If you find a population of Growing Grass Frogs, please do not try and pick them up. You might be lucky enough to see one of these amazing creatures - especially if you have found them while they are basking - but it’s best not to disturb them, as we may

inadvertently transfer disease or harmful chemicals to the individual or the whole population.

We need your help to save the Growling Grass Frogs