Sammy Davis Jr.

By: Lilly Lockard

The Beginning

Sammy Davis Jr. was born on December 8th, 1925 in New York City. The first time he was on stage was when he was three, after that he performed regularly with his father in the will mastin trio.During world war two Sammy entertained people and while doing this he discovered...."We're always prejudice as we are prevalent." After World War Two was over Sammy went back to New York to finish what he started. In 1950 Sammy was able to make his two very popular albums, they were so popular that Sammy was able to become the headliner of Las Vegas and New York.
Sammy Davis Jr. - The Candy Man (1972)

Sammy's acting

Sammy Davis Jr. was said to be a 'Joyful actor' which he was a and people were joyful when they watched him, he was said to be able 'to let out his talent in a way people could receive it'.Sammy was a big star of Broadway, He was in Mr.wonderful and in Golden boys and they were both big hits.
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Sammy's accident that made a big change

In November, 1954 Sammy almost died of a car crash that shattered his face and ruined his left eye, while he in recovery he discovered a philosophy with a rabeye in the hospital. Shortly after he converted to Judaism,he found a lot of similarities between the African Americans experience in the states and the Jewish philosophy.
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Sammy's Marriage

Despite interracial marriages being illegal in 31 states Sammy married sweetish actor May Brit 1960, they had one daughter together and adopted two sons in their eight year marriage.
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