Villerrica Volcano erupts in Chile

Chile Volcano Villerrica erupts and spews ash and lava

Villerrica sended ash and lava over 3000ft in the air

On early Tuesday morning of March 3rd 2015, The Villerrica volcano erupted sending ash clouds and lava about 3,300 feet into the air. People in the nearby town of Pucon were all evacuated to safety. President Michelle Bachelet went back to the area of the volcano to look over the situation. The volcano is also a very popular destination for hikers

Eruption involving Villerrica

Villerrica is an active volcano that is 2840m high with a lava lake in it's crater. The last major eruption of Villerrica was in 1958 according to Chile's ministry of mining. More than 100 people are thought to be dead due to mudflows on the slopes of the volcano. After just 20m, Pucon mayor Carlos Parra said that the volcanoes activity already calmed down.