6 Traits Of Writing

Caroline See

One, Ideas

Using main ideas in the first trait of writing is an important step as well as picking a topic that your interested in.

Two, Organization

To use topic, main ideas, and tell me more sentences will help keep your paragraph nice and organized.

Three, Voice

You want to try and speak in an appealing way so you keep the readers excited to read more!

Four, Word Choice

To make your piece of writing have good word choice use thrilling, eye-popping and vivid words to interest your reader.

Six, Conventions

Editing and using the acronym COPS will assist you a lot to have a good piece of writing.

The Writing Process

The Writing Process


  • anything you think of, write down as an idea


  • make a plan using strategies such as the T-Table or color coated notes

Composing [Rough Draft]

  • make a rough draft quickly so you can revise later


  • look for flaws or mistakes


  • correcting mistakes and looking over your writing for the final product


  • rewrite your writing and correct anything that is needed so it's in best possible form to publish


post, send or turn in your final draft

Write Tools


  • use transition words to help make your sentence flow like a river

some examples

  • also, another,in addition

Core Four

  • topic sentences can be one of these four, simple statement, number sentence, situation stance and question

Five,sentence fluency

Make your sentences flow together.