Registered Nurse

Elaina Camerlynck

Daily Activities of a Registered Nurse!

Daily activities you have to do...

  • Record patients' medical information
  • Record vital signs
  • and Record the patients progress

Working Conditions of Nurses!

Working conditions of a Nurse...

  • Exposed to disease or infections on a daily basis

  • Work indoors

  • Wear uniform or lab jacket

  • High level of social contact and work closely with patients.

  • Deal with angry or unpleasant patients

Yearly Wages!

You can earn up to $56,670 per year if you are a Registered Nurse.

Preparation and Training!

To become a Nurse, you have to...

  1. Graduate from Nursing Program
  2. Have High School diploma or equivalent
  3. Complete supervised clinical work experience, and have a license

Important skills to become a Nurse!

You need to be able to...

  • Understand spoken information

  • Notice when something is wrong, or is likely to go wrong

  • Check how well one is learning or doing something

  • Be aware of others’ reaction and understand the possible causes

  • Identify a pattern ( a figure, object, word, or sound) that is hidden in distracted material

Recommended classes!

Some classes you should take!

  • Anatomy

  • Physiology

  • Health Education

  • Nursing

  • Computer Applications

  • Safety and First Aid

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