Are you smarter than a druggy?



  • Fast heart rates
  • Increase of blood pressure
  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • You get the munchies
  • Slow reaction time

  • · Increase rate of breathing

General things about Marijuana

  • Marijuana is a plant that contains chemicals in it
  • 43% of American adults say they have smoked weed
  • Marijuana is the most used drug in America
  • It doesn't cause to use harder drugs
  • It has not been shown to cause mental illness
  • Marijuana gives you temporary effects such as panic, anxiety, and paranoia
  • It has not been shown to increase the risk of cancer
  • It has been proven helpful for treating symptoms of medical conditions
  • There is government grown marijuana that has no chemicals and that is only used for medical issues

What is marijuana?

Marijuana is a greenish-grey of dried shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers. It is sometimes in tea. Often used in joints, bongs, and blunts, which are different ways of using this drug.

Chemicals in Marijuana

  • There are 400 to 500 chemicals
  • Acids
  • Alcohol
  • Formaldehyde

  • Amino acids and more

What does marijuana look like

  • Indian Hemp plant
  • dried brown and green leaves that are buds or cut up
  • a street name "hashish" is a brown block
  • other street names are weed
  • grass
  • pot
  • hash
  • reefer
  • Mary Jane
  • dope
  • herb
  • mull
  • rope
  • buddha
  • joint and many more

Why do people use this?

  • It can be relaxing to some people
  • you can get excited or hallucinate
  • it alters what you taste, see, hear, smell, and feel

Addiction and being dependent on it

  • A tolerance builds and they need more to get the same effect
  • When neglected they feel that they need more marijuana
  • Trying to quit will make you crave it
  • sleep problems, nervousness, irritable, and having anxiety

Americans and marijuana

  • 52% of Americans want legalized marijuana
  • Marijuana is illegal
  • Millions of Americans have used marijuana in 2012
  • Marijuana is grown in Colorado
  • Most tourists purchase marijuana here