Culinary Arts Finals Week

December 17, 2014

Happy Hollidays

It's the last week of the semester, and I hope everyone is doing well. It will soon be the winter break, and a new calendar year. Some of us will be returning in the Spring, while others will be done. Regardless of your situation, I hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday, and that all your wishes come true.

Save money on textbooks next semester

Where there is an end, there is a beginning. While this will be the last semester for some people, the rest will be returning. That means different books, and different classes (hopefully). For those of us returning, we need to buy some new (or hopefully lightly used) books.

By planning ahead, you will save money. Here are the steps to find the best deals for your text books:

1) Make a list of all your classes and required books. You can find that list on the Leeward Book Store website here. The required books list can be found here.

2) Determine if you will keep the textbook, or sell it back at the end of the semester. There are some books worth keeping, while most are only purchased because it's on the required textbooks list. If you are just selling it back after the semester, consider renting the textbook. It may save you money. Sometimes it doesn't. Check the difference in rental price and purchase price. It may not be that much, and when you purchase a book, you can sometimes sell it back.

Sometimes, you may even find a digital copy of a book at a lower cost.

3) Check the prices on the Leeward Book Store website. The textbook price comparison tool will show the prices of the books from their store, as well as other stores on the internet. Write down the best price for each book.

4) Check the prices at various textbook stores online. If they are lower than the bookstore price, check to see if there are any shipping charges. Some stores like Amazon will offer free shipping for certain items.

5) Order your books from the store with the best price. Be sure to order in time for them to arrive before your class starts.

Selling Books: This week is book buyback week. You can sell your old books to the book store. Sometimes they will offer the best price. Other times, they will not. Check online. Some stores like amazon will offer better prices for your used books.

About me

My name is Coe Snyder, and I am acting as a student mentor for Leeward’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Culinary Arts Program. I am in my fourth Semester here as a student in the Culinary Arts Program, and am working towards my Associates Degree. This is my third semester as a peer mentor. I am here to answer any questions or concerns you may have, about school, the resources available to you, or anything else that may help you to make your time here a success. During this semester, I plan to provide you with helpful information that may aid in your success

I am also Vice President for our campuses Phi Theta Kappa chapter, a writer for our schools magazine, Ka Manaʻo, and enjoy doing Comedy in my spare time. If you are interested in becoming more active on campus, there are many opportunities.

If you have any questions about the Culinary Arts Programs, resources and/or activities on campus, or would like to be more involved and see what opportunities are available, contact me here.

The Culinary Arts Newsletter will be published weekly. If you you would like to submit article for the Newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact Coe Snyder