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Week of January 18-22, 2021

Dear Burkholder Families,

Thank you for being incredible partners in educating our children. Building our social-emotional learning skills is an important goal for our school this year as we work together through this Pandemic and the challenges of distance learning.

We will be asking for your child to reflect on their own mindsets and approaches to learning via an online survey they will be completing during class. The survey shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to complete. 6th grade students will take the survey during their 2nd period on January 19th and January 21st, 7th graders will take theirs during 1st period on January 25th, and 8th graders will take theirs during 1st period on February 1st.

The survey content will ask students to self-reflect on their positive feelings, challenging feelings, supportive relationships, and how they view themselves as learners.

We are asking that all of our students participate in the surveys, as their responses will provide invaluable insights into their experiences and how we can improve and adapt our school’s response to their needs. If a student doesn’t feel like they have enough information to answer a question, they will be able to skip the item altogether. The responses to these surveys will be completely confidential.

If you have any questions about the SEL survey, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 702-799-8080 ext. 4202

Your partner in education,

Jessica Maleskey

Assistant Principal

What's Happening this Week!

Monday: January 18, 2021

  • NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday: January 19, 2021

  • Evening Study Sessions, 5-7PM

Wednesday: January 20, 2021

  • Evening Study Sessions, 5-7PM

Thursday: January 21, 2021

  • Happy Thursday!

Friday: January 22, 2021

  • Have a great weekend!

Nominate a deserving teacher!

We have great teachers living right here in our community. These include educators who go above and beyond to put kids first and not only teach, but also inspire. They work tirelessly and never ask for recognition. As Beverly Rogers has eloquently said, “Teacher is not what you do, but what you are.” They are unsung heroes and deserve to hear more thanks from the people of Clark County.

A teacher awards program hosted at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is credited with helping to retain and recruit great teachers in Washington, D.C., which has inspired The Smith Center to offer such recognition in our own community. Thanks to financial support from The Rogers Foundation and the help of the public, The Smith Center is pleased to offer a grand celebration for educators here in Las Vegas: The Heart of Education Awards.

The inaugural event in 2016 saw tremendous community support, which The Smith Center hopes to build upon. A great education starts with great educators, and we are proud to point our spotlight in their direction.

Myron Martin
President and CEO,
The Smith Center for the Performing Arts

The deadline for the Heart of Education Nominations has been extended until February 12, 2021. For additional information, you can also visit the Heart of Education Website page at http://theheartofeducation.org/

Calling all artists!

It is our pleasure to invite you to submit artwork for the 2021 VISION Middle School Art Exhibition. The exhibition is non-juried; all submissions will be displayed at the Winchester Culture Center Gallery from April 1 until April 29, 2021. An Opening Reception will be held at 4:30 p.m. on April 12, 2021, at the Winchester Culture Center Gallery [3130 McLeod Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89121] or virtually if necessary. This is an excellent opportunity for your students to share their artistic success and gain the experience of showing artwork in a public space.

This year's theme is, "Transformation" for any art students interested in creating artwork for this exhibit, please contact Mrs. Wilkinson, wilkims@nv.ccsd.net

Submission deadline is February 19, 2021

Want to join an after school club?

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Distance Learning Resources 2020-2021

Need Chromebook repairs or have permanent connectivity issues?

If you are in need of Chromebook repairs or have permanent connectivity issues, please fill out the Google Form at burkholderms.org on the main page header "tech needs 2.0" button or click on the link here for assistance: Technology Needs 2.0

School Organization Team

Purpose of the School Organizational Team

  • Assist and advise development of the plan of operation (budget and school performance plan) each spring.

  • Provide continued assistance and advice to the principal in carrying out the plan of operation.

  • Assist in the discussion of any additional authority to be transferred to schools to carry out responsibilities.

  • Assist with the selection of the next principal when there is a vacancy.


Annie Pande, Chair

Victoria Petrie, Co-Chair

Julie Morlocci, Secretary

Leila Ray, Student Representative

Julie Gonzales, Member

Paul Omochumdro, Member

Estrella Rocio, Member

Christopher Hermes, Principal

  • School Organizational Team (“Team”) meetings are open to the public.

  • The public is given an opportunity to comment on any item being considered by the Team for action (“action item”), as well as on any matter that falls within the Team’s advisory authority, even if the matter is not on the agenda.

  • If you would like to attend our virtual monthly Google Meets you can reach out to Ms. Petrie (petrivr@nv.ccsd) or Ms. Pande (pandea1@nv.ccsd) for the Google Meets link.

  • If you have a question or concern and want it addressed in our monthly meeting, you may send it to Julie Morlacci: morlaja@nv.ccsd and it will be presented in our next meeting which is scheduled for: February 11, 2021 at 7:30 a.m.

Important Numbers and Contact Information

Mr. Hermes, Principal -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4100 or hermecl@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Morlacci, Office Manager -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4100 or morlaja@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Mendoza, Assistant Principal -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4200 or mendome@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Smith, Assistant Principal Secretary -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4200 or villaba@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Maleskey, Assistant Principal -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4202 or malesjl@nv.ccsd.net

Mr. Nagy, Assistant Principal Secretary -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4202 or nagyzk@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Claessens, Registrar -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4065 or claesjr@nv.ccsd.net

Mr. Gongos, Computer Tech -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4015 or gongodj@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Little, Nurse -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4021 or littlpm@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Allman, FASA -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4022 or allmacr@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Deputy, Attendance -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4202 or deputk1@nv.ccsd.net

Need Social Worker Help?

Do you need assistance with mental health, emotional support, family issues, or community referrals? Please click the "Social Worker Assistance" button below to fill out the form and Mrs. Groth, our School Social Worker, will contact you.

Ms. Alexis Groth


702-799-8080 X 4351

Special Ed Facilitator

If you need assistance or have questions regarding Special Education Services, please click the "Special Ed Facilitator Assistance" button below to complete the form and Mrs. Perez will contact you.

Mrs. Eliza Perez


702-799-8080 X 4032

Counselor Assistance

Ms. Julia Bush


Students: 6th Graders A - L & ALL 7th Graders

(702) 799-8080 X 4301

Ms. Marisa Cady-Burkhardt


Students: 6th Graders M - Z & All 8th Graders

(702) 799-8080 X 4302

Our Master Schedule

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BMS-Distance Learning Master Schedule

Link for January's Calendar of Evening Sessions

January Evening Study Sessions

Burkholder Middle School continues to offer additional support and teacher-led tutoring every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5-7pm.

If your child needs extra support in math, ELA, science, or social studies, be sure to attend these tutoring sessions. Google Meet Links will be shared with your child through Canvas.

We know many of our parents are balancing work/home/and distance learning, so it's important to the staff at BMS to offer more hours of support to our families.

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Buy Your Yearbook Today!

We sincerely thank all the students and families who have already sent us pictures and information for our 2020-2021 Yearbook! We encourage all families to participate!

Please download this app (hjeshare.com -Code- JAGUARS- all caps) on your phone or desktop to send us pictures for our YEARBOOK..
We need you (all 550 students and families) to be our photographers this year! Below are the topics we need pictures for.
Our yearbook staff is excited to use your photos in the new 2020-2021 Yearbook.

We appreciate you so much! Thank you again for your help!


1. Your Workspace at home- Students with their Chrome Book
2. Mask Fashion- Show off your fancy mask
3. Favorite footwear-Take a picture of your tennis shoes, slippers, dress shoes...
4. Quarantine Hair- Easy one- Pics of your hair!
5. Family Time- Activities with family members
7. Birthday Celebrations- We know you have these!
8. PARENTS- with Names- THX
9. Siblings- with names THX
10. Future Careers??? Let us know- send a picture
11. Life Skills- Students in action doing household chores, etc...
13. Favorite Outfits- W\with names THX
14. School Dress Up days.....

The Burkholder Yearbook Staff

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