Dred Scott

Adout Dred Scott

He lived in st. louis. he died in September 17, 1858 his family was Harriet Lizzie and Eliza

his life

Major struggles/hardship:

When he was tring to gain his fredom he was not treated right and not alot of peplol whoud vout for slaves. very few people voted for slaver t not happen. When he was dorn in to slaver he coud not get out of slavery even when living in a free state he was not free.

Erley life

he barley knew his family because he went into slaver ate such a young age. he got owned by Pert bow and his wife Elisabeth they where both Virginians. in 1795 he made a battle about slaver which he was famous for. one of his owner died so shortly he got marred an tried toby his freedom but failed.

wat he was none fore

he was none because of his famous freedom