A Prehistoric Visitor.

A dinosaur was recently caught on tape by a weather girl.

"Stand back everyone!" yelled animal control last week as the creature crept forward. Policemen and ambulances rushed to the scene in the forest where the creature appeared. Its beady green eyes froze the crowd. Some people ran away in panic, others stayed to watch, and the rest of the world was stuck, glued to their TV in horror.

More data about the dinosaur came in yesterday. The news reporters stated that the creature just suddenly fell out of the sky during her weather report. She also reported that the dinosaur was green and approximately ten miles tall. It had scales of a five foot diameter, and his teeth were like steak knives. Its eyes were rectangular and had lasers implanted in them.

The question remains, how did a creature that went extinct one billion years ago appear on earth again last week? Scientists have dedicated many hours to finding the answer to this problem and they are not giving up. Coincidentally, the spaceship that had been launched two days after the sighting crashed into a cloud. the astronaut aboard quickly sent out a message to the space station saying that he was okay. The station then received a message from the astronaut that said that he had discovered where the dinosaur came from. Turns out, when the rest of the dinosaur population was going extinct, this specific type of dinosaur decided to avoid death and fly to the moon and live there. Like the spacecraft, the dinosaurs all crashed into the same cloud. Their civilization stayed alive in the sky, while the last of the dinosaurs on the ground died and went extinct.

After living on the cloud for thousands of years, they decided to seek revenge on the world for killing their friends. They all jumped off of the edge of the cloud and started huge fires with their lasers. The people were terrified, so they decided to jump off of the world. After the last of the people had jumped, once again, the dinosaurs ruled a world full of fire and lasers for billions of years.