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Annual ASAP Virtual Conference Save the Date! "What's in Your Toolkit?"

Please mark your calendars for our 35th Annual ASAP-NJ State Conference to be held Virtually this year. The date is set for March 4, 2022. Please stay tuned via RefSac for more information to follow, including registration, workshops, agenda, etc. Many of you need to let your districts know in a timely fashion.

Title: ASAP-NJ 35th Annual Conference: What’s in Your Toolkit?

Date: Friday, March 4, 2022

Time: 9AM-1:30PM

3.5 PD hours

Payment: Members- FREE

Non-Members- $25

Meet your Executive Board for the Association of Student Assistance Professionals

All NEW Eating Disorder Resource List

Click this to find treatment, therapy, resources and residential treatment.

A special for Eating Disorder Awareness Week from LAUREN SACS FROM RARITAN HS in Monmouth County

Love your Body Week ideas which encompass body positivity, self-esteem, and self-image as well as healthy eating habits.

Mirrorless Monday - I cover all of the mirrors in the school with a laminated poster with a positive body image quote.

Rebound Tuesday - "Rebound Rule" Rebounding gives us a second chance, regardless of what our first effort consisted of. Rebound Tuesday allows students to rebound negative comments, self-talk, etc. said about them & write down the negative, shred it using a shredder borrowed from the main office and replace it with a positive quote with EDAW resources attached to a lollipop.

Weightless Wednesday - I've done body image trivia, asked students to write their favorite characteristic about themself (that's not a body part), etc. I've always wanted to collect some old Scales and smash them or write all over them to take the power back.

Love Your Body Thursday - info table with free giveaways

Eating Disorder Awareness Week February 21-27th

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAwareness Week) is an annual campaign to educate the public about the realities of eating disorders and to provide hope, support, and visibility to individuals and families affected by eating disorders. NEDAwareness Week 2022 will take place during the week of February 21 - February 27, 2022. Click here for more information
Crisis Information and Hotlines

Click here to access many crisis and hotlines

Meditation | Mindfulness Exercises

Watch and enjoy a winter wonderland of snow and relaxation for the wintertime. Click Here to join the very relaxing meditation. Includes a video to watch and music to enjoy.

180 Turning Lives Around

180 Turning Lives Around, Inc. is a private, non-profit charitable organization dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence in our community. 180 is committed to providing services to individuals and families affected by domestic and sexual violence. In addition, 180 works to mobilize concerned individuals, organizations, and civic and religious groups to join our effort to end violence and abuse through public education, public policy reforms, and training of allied professionals.

Resources for Getting HELP for Abusive Relationships at 180 Turning Lives Around


February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, a national effort in the United States to raise awareness about abuse in teen and 20-something relationships and promote programs that prevent it. Because everyone deserves a safe and healthy relationship.


Girls and young women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence — almost triple the national average

One Pill Can Kill

Click Here to read more

Pills Purchased Outside of a Licensed Pharmacy are Illegal, Dangerous, and Potentially Deadly

The Drug Enforcement Administration warns the American public of the alarming increase in the lethality and availability of fake prescription pills containing fentanyl and methamphetamine.

Suicide Prevention and Resources

click here for a Padlet from the TLC and the AFSP NJ

Random Acts of Kindness Day February 27th

Random Acts of Kindness Day Click Here for the website The work to create a kinder world never ends. There is no limit on the amount of goodness we can put into the world, but we need your help! We invite you to join the annual Random Acts of Kindness Day (RAK DAY) celebration on Thursday, February 17, 2022 and help #MakeKindnesstheNorm

Suicide and Covid-19 Lasting Effects

COVID-19 has had a profound negative effect on the mental health of the nation. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Mental Health America (MHA) has witnessed increasing numbers of people experiencing anxiety, depression, psychosis, loneliness, and other mental health concerns. Click Here for the Guide regarding Covid-19 and risk.

February is a time to BOOST your self esteem

Self-esteem, simply put, is how you feel about yourself. And while our self-esteem begins to develop in early childhood, it is not set in stone. In fact, self-esteem is ever-changing throughout your life. There may be times when your self-esteem is at an all time high, and others when it has taken an undesirable dip, perhaps due to a stressful life event or mental health struggle, like clinical depression. Everyone has the power to develop their self-esteem independent of help from others, and the benefits are significant.
COVID 19 Resources and Information

click here for a padlet for Covid-19. Testing, Vaccine, and more.

Mental Health and Wellness during Covid for Youth

Returning to the classroom and regular activities after the disruptions of COVID-19 may cause stress and anxiety for students of any age. These feelings are normal and to be expected; everyone has tough days, but if children or adolescents are exhibiting unusual behavior for extended periods, they may be in need of additional support and care. We created this webpage to guide young people and their families to resources that promote student health and well-being, including mental health. Click Here

SBRIT from NJCA Pilot Program

Click Here for the Counseling Information to Screen for Substance Abuse. What makes school-based SBIRT both effective and practical to implement is that it only requires the training of school staff to administer the screening, which would identify warning signs of mental health or substance abuse issues. Students exhibiting these signs would receive a brief intervention, and if deemed appropriate referred for proactive treatment.

Nell Geiger, LPC Bordentown SAC Counselor: “SBIRT is simply asking direct substance abuse and Mental health questions to an adolescent who wants to talk, it's pure, honest conversation starters that allow our youth to share confidentially, let's just ask, their voices need to be heard"


Our New Jersey public Division of Children and Family offer a great deal of free monthly training. Many of them are related to SEL and self care in addition to specific topics of abuse and neglect. or more...CLICK HERE FOR THE DATES AND OPPORTUNITIES

FREE CEU for Social Workers and SACs

See below for upcoming classes! To register - please email us at, and include school, name of registrant(s), and email.
  • Teen Dating Feb 16th 10am -1pm
  • Children & Teen's Domestic Violence Mar 24 10am-1pm
  • Teen Dating and Abuse April 26th 10am- 1pm

Robert Wood Johnson Helps you quit tobacco for good! NO INSURANCE REQUIRED

Click Here to Register or call us at 833-795-QUIT to learn more.

Our Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists continue to provide services while practicing safe social distancing. Treatment sessions are currently being conducted via phone and web, with virtual group/individual counseling and delivery of nicotine replacement therapies via mail.

AAA offers a course for Driving "Blunt Truth About Marijuana and Driving

AAA Northeast has a wonderful E-learning Module for health and driver education teachers: Shifting Gears, the Blunt Truth about marijuana and driving. Click Here for more information

NJ Statewide Addiction Access Center

Know anyone who is in need of referral to treatment?

Click here to access our online help-tool. Or, call the statewide Addiction Access Center at 844-276-2777.

New Jersey Overdose Statistics

Click Here for all the STATISTICS

Youth Substance Use Prevention Toolkit.

The National Council for Mental Wellbeing provides a message guide and toolkit that equips youth-serving providers and organizations with the tools and resources necessary to support meaningful prevention messaging. In the toolkit you can access messaging on youth substance use prevention, tip sheets, social media graphics and shareables, videos, webinars, interactive worksheets, and educational courses.

Click Here for the Toolkit (Click on the Message Guide) when you arrive at the site.

National Harm Prevention Website for Courses & Training

Harm reduction strategies and tools should be accessible to everyone – regardless of location, time and or experience. National Harm Reduction Coalition offers a series of self-paced online learning modules that groups and individuals can complete on their own schedule and terms – anytime, anywhere. Click Here


YEAR ROUND DRUG DISPOSAL Click Here for a location near you.

Safely disposing of expired or unused medicine is critical to helping protect your kids, family and home. And it decreases the opportunity for visitors in your home, like your kids’ friends, to abuse medicine as well.

Marijuana, Drug and Alcohol Prevention & more

Information to discuss and share with students and families coping with marijuana use.

The Center for Drug and Alcohol Resources.

The Center offers a tool kit to understand the impact of the legalization of Marijuana. Please click here to get connected with the resources. The Center offers many evidence-based programs and evidence-informed programs for youth from Kindergarten to 12th grade and professionals that are recommended by several agencies, such as Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), evidenced-based registries, and the New Jersey Department of Education.

Tobacco-Free for a Healthy NJ,

Through Tobacco-Free for a Healthy NJ, 10 regional tobacco collaboratives (RTC) were created to coordinate tobacco prevention efforts across NJ. We strive to include all sectors of the community in the RTCs to truly represent each region. By bringing together key stakeholders and champions in each region, we are able to drive our efforts with education & policy action. Click Here to get Resources and Support

Just Think Twice

JUST Think Twice Click the link to join the publication and notifications.

This is a United States Government, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) website.

Join the COSSAP RESOURCE Newsletter

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Public safety, public health, and behavioral health stakeholders giving access to timely and accurate information about the drug environment at the community level & prioritize outreach efforts, assess the impact of local strategies, and monitor the evolving nature of the drug environment.

Click Here for the Webinar

Wellspring Center for Prevention Newsletter Signup!

If you are a SAC or other Prevention Specialist/ Counselor this is a valuable newsletter from the Wellspring Center for Prevention. They tailor their programming for families, children and adults. Access to this newsletter will give you so much support and resources to share. Click Here to Join the list.

DEA Family and Education Website Sign Up

This website from the National Drug Enforcement Agency is called Get Smart About Drugs. On this site you will find so much information about drugs, policy and support.

CLICK HERE for the link.

Join the Newsletter for Every Brain Matters!

Every Brain Matters is a community of support, advocacy, and science. Join us, as we call for a cultural change with the widespread use of our logo, which unites us and symbolizes both “freedom from marijuana” and optimal brain and environmental health.

New Jersey School Districts Drug, Alcohol Cases

Click Here for the List of all the NJ Districts with the most drug and alcohol cases.