Judaism the religion only has one God and the name is Andonai[The God of Abraham] the followers that beleve in this religion are called Jews and they have a holy book called TeNaKh, and it is divided by three chapters Torah,Nevi'im,Ketuvim.they pray to thier god as the same as Christianity and Islam,but they beleve that there was the law of God, this law was given to Moses and it was an important prophet.Most Jews go to Synagogue to worship or pray and the Rabbis transulate what the old prophet or decode it, to read it to the people who came to synagogue.On a special day for this religion, and when this day comes you can only eat Kosher foods and there are non-kosher food, that includes pork,shellfish,and any meat or dairy products.The holidays for this religion are called Yom Kippur and Rosh hashanah,Yom kippur is the day when you don't eat and act like an angel for the whole day,Rosh hahanah is basicly a Jewish new year for Jewish people.Jerusalem is the most sacered city and the most holiest cities for Jews.