Da' Beezees

You don't even know what it is yet...and you want in.

Brought to you by these Beezees.

Da Beezees is an "experience." It's an exclusive members only place to celebrate and be celebrated. There will be prizes like you have not seen before and you have never done anything like this on the team yet!

Don't miss out! The sooner you get in, the better the experience!

Last month was the first month and it was awesome. WE gave away:
1. Exclusive swag bag for the first person in with items you can't buy but were given to us at previous exclusive events.
2. FREE exclusive wraps
3. Disney Wraps
4. GGG wraps
5. Random Prizes (Jam cups and earrings)
6. Live Coaching Call with 3 Executives
7.An original dance by Monica that had most people peeing their pants.
Where it's at!

IN MARCH: Once you hit $400 in PRV and it's showing up on your dashboard, you are going to want to ask for immediate entrance into this group! Message one of us and we'll add you!