Reading Centers

This should be completed by Friday.



  • Set a timer for 10 minutes
  • Practice your vocabulary words here.

Main Course

1. Writing- Go go this website. Answer the questions in complete sentences in your writing notebook. Remember to put a title and the date for your writing entry. Once you have answered all 6 questions, scroll to the bottom of the page. Re-write your answers in the form of a letter. The red words at the bottom of the google doc give you an outline to follow.

2. Read to Self- Choose a book from these books

  • My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother
  • Then complete a Character Profile page for a character from your chosen story. You can find the Character Profile in the yellow bucket by the mailboxes.

3. Vocabulary-Make a copy of this google slide to complete your vocabulary assignment. Rename it (Your name) Vocab for Thank you Mr. Falker.

4. iReady

  • Login to iReady through the EMIS Resources page.
  • Login through Clever
  • Choose iReady Reading.
  • Set a timer and practice for 20 minutes.


Option #1 Thank you Mr. Falker Vocabulary Words

  • Follow this website to practice our vocabulary words from Thank you Mr. Falker.

Option #2: Work on your homework packet.