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Oct 12th- 16th

Week of Oct 12th-16th

We had another excellent week of instruction in the classroom. You guys are doing an excellent job of engaging your students! I see it all over the place. I am very much aware that we all feel there are too many things on our plate. I want to begin the discussion about how many of these practices center around one central goal which is HSE21.

HSE 21- Student Centered Approaches, Cognitive Curriculum, Fundamental Classroom Conditions, Transfer of learning

Let's just focus in on math for a moment. With the help of Jeanine and Kelly, they have showed us how to make math collaborative, challenging, differentiated, authentic, relevant, provide choice, hit prior knowledge, be rigorous and allow the transfer of learning through application- JUST TO NAME A FEW. Wowzers! That hits 8+ items on HSE21 model.

Let's Take BUMP for example-

Collaborative, speaking and listening skills, it can be differentiated ( add, sub, multiple operations), prior knowledge

Problem of the Day-

Challenging, relevant and real life, differentiated/choice ( by giving them three sets of numbers- pick your friendly numbers), rigorous, transfer of learning of an operation in a word problem. Then when you have students put up their answer and other students explain the thinking and process, we provide a non-threatening environment where students want to take on risk to learn!

Which number does not belong-

Challenging, prior knowledge, collaboration

Best practice math instruction includes many facets of HSE21.

HSE21 Teaching and Learning Team

The Teaching and Learning Team is doing an excellent job of sharing the positive direction of education and the questions we need to be asking ourselves in regards to the image of child. This week, there is great reflection on how children will behave well if they can and how do we inpsire curiosity. I do hope you will take time each week to read the BLOG to reflect and challenge your thinking.

The image of child part III.



Basket packing in the cafe- PTO


Christi at ADMIN 9:15-11:30

OCTOBER 13th- 3:45-4:45 FLU SHOTS

3:50- Gator Gallup counting


October 14th- 8:00AM Parent Conferences

OCTOBER 14th- Tentative School Assembly seated at 9:40- Jump Rope Team-


October 15th: 4:00-6:00


OCTOBER 16th- Gator Gallup and Fall Festival

Looking ahead:

Oct. 19- 4:00-7:00

Oct 20- 4:00-6:00

NOV 5th- Vision Screenings for 1st grade

DEC 1st- GIVING TUESDAY- We will again support the HSE foundation for Giving Tuesday! More to come...

Parent conferences- remember you can pick when you meet with your parents

On the following dates- Christi, John, Tara and Allison will be available to meet with you in a meeting.

October 19th- 4:00-7:00, and October 20th- 4:00-6:00. Related arts will be gone the evening of October 20th for the district wide training. If parents ask, they will be with us the other times.

Front Row Math and Reading... YES READING TOO

Many of you have used Front Row to supplement your instruction. Front Row now has a reading portion.

See what one of our colleagues has said:

"It's awesome! They take a quick diagnostic test then I can assign them articles from a bank that are automatically adjusted to their Lexile levels and it quizzes them on the article. They can use article to look up info. Super easy and they loved it!"


Gator Gallop Schedule

9:30-10:00 – 2nd Grade

10:10-10:40 – 3rd Grade

11:05-11:35 – 4th Grade

1:00-1:30 – 1st Grade

1:45-2:15 – Kindergarten

2:45 – Silly Safari in the gym

District PD Opportunities

Oct. 27th 4:15-5:15. What about behavior with Laura R and Leslie Glaze.

GES- Located on 104th Street in Fishers, IN

GES: Making GREAT CHOICES, showing EFFORT and demonstrating SAFETY!