By: Shannyn Quinn

Name, age, city

Name: Maritza

Age: 17

City: Medellin

Family, family life

Maritza's family is her mom and stepfather. Her mom abuses her all the time with one time almost breaking her arm. She was also the suprise child. Nobody knew that she was going to be born.

Enviorment/ neighborhood

The communites are poor and tough to live in. The heart of the city is beautiful and rich.

Events that influenced them

Some events that influenced her were joining gangs. Then she started to do drugs. Then running away and coming back hoping for love.

Have they been threatend?

Yes, she got threatend by a stoned and drunk man at a club. He pulled out a gun, then told her to kill him so he knew how it felt to kill somebody.

Why did they choose to fight for peace?

She wanted her mom to stop abusing her. She didn't like it at all.

What about Maritza impressed me?

What most impressed me about her was that she took care of her self when her mom was abusing her. When she ran away she came back.

If I had one question I would want to ask her what would it be?

I would ask her why she didn't just tell about her mom and let it be done awhile ago instead of letting it go on forever and almost dieing from it. Also why did she start doing drugs again if it was ruining her life?