compare and contrast

Hailey Leusink 6th


This is all about Ode to enchanted light and sleeping in the Forest

First pareagh

  • The world is a glass overflowing with the water.

  • dropped from the top of the sky.

  • song high into the empty air.

    • Dozen times into something better.

    • I thought the earth remembered me.

    • I rose and fell as if in water.

second phargh

The Author is happy because he is happy about what he wrote. He likes his poem and he may be wrote it because he read poems and then he wrote a poem himself and then he felt happy about.

Mary Oliver is happy because she likes her poem and that is why she wrote it and the name that she gave it. I think she like the poem that she wrote.

Third pharght

  • Lines 10-15 are the same

  • Yes it is laid out the same

  • They have the same line and rhythm

    • Lines 10- 15

    • it is the same way

    • By the poem and more in the lines 10-15