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Fun in Fifth at Walker Creek Elementary

On to a new six weeks...

Our studies have been in depth, and we are excited to tackle the second six weeks!

Courses are taking on the following:

Reading - Finishing our unit on the book "No Talking " by Andrew Clements

Unit summative test Tuesday,October 18th.
~Reminder Reading logs due on Friday. Parent signature required, this is a daily grade.
New logs have started/a short summary each time they read- checking comprehension.

Math - As we move through multiplication and division in the next several weeks (and adding decimals into these operations), we will be working with a variety of strategies! It does not mean any one specific strategy is more accurate than another. We are simply exposing ourselves to a variety of means to get to the same output. Keep an eye on our classroom YouTube for tutorials on each strategy and topic!

Social Studies - We are just finishing up Colonization and about to travel into the causes of the American Revolution

Writing - We are diving in on how to write an expository paper. We are sharpening our skills of using more details, staying on topic and being more mindful of our spelling.

Science - Studying Force and Energy

How do you access our teacher sites, you say?

We have lots of pertinent information lurking around our fifth grade websites! I will include a handy link to each of our sites, and give step-by-step directions in how to access them on your own! - Bonnie Riski - Writing/SS - Judy Cassady - Reading - Amy Whitehurst - Science - Kristel Hester - Math

^Those are the "handy links"

Next...let's say you want to access them on your own! Also, some scholars may come home and want to access our classroom YouTube. Many tutorial videos are accessible on our classroom YouTube for math! Let's walk through the steps in how to get there!


2.) Select a school - Walker Creek Elementary

3.) Faculty/Staff - select a teacher

(step further)

to access our classroom youtube channel for math

4.) After selecting "Julie Hester", on the right hand side there is a drop-down menu

click "Online Resources".

5.) Within this section, we have our Class YouTube

^this is the link if you need it bookmarked for math purposes. We will be updating it as we go! I typically like to introduce each concept with some brief pointers and examples (as to not make the tutorial too terribly long); then we practice as a class!

*Hope this is helpful*

Fall Break!

Monday, Oct. 10th, 12am to Tuesday, Oct. 11th, 11:45pm

Birdville Independent School District, Tarrant County, TX, United States


Did you know educators in Birdville have professional development coming up...and our scholars receive a four day weekend?! Lucky duckies have off Monday, October 10 and Tuesday, October 11 (four-day weekend)!

Please e-mail your scholar's homeroom teacher with further questions


Genius Hour September 2016

LOTS of important dates coming up this six weeks

*mark your calendars* -

10/6 - Texas Rangers Day @ WCE for students/staff

10/7 - Celebration of Kids - fifth grade 1:45 p.m.

(celebration of kids is a time that we honor A-honor roll, AB honor roll, perfect attendance, and Circle of Courage)

10/10 - Student Holiday

10/11 - Student Holiday

10/17-10/20 - Scholars Wear Fun Run accessories

10/21 - WCE Fun Run

10/24 - Birdville High School Homecoming Parade (come walk with our school and support our Hawks...we will meet at the church parking lot caddy-corner from Birdville High School ; across from intersection of Hawk Drive and Mid-Cities)

10/24-28 - Red Ribbon Week

10/26 - Red Ribbon Dress in Red Day

11/9 - Early Release day - 12:10 p.m.

11/10 - Grandparent's Day at WCE

11/11 - End of 2nd Six Weeks

11/11 - Moon Dance!!! - 6:30-8:30 p.m.

11/18 - Celebration of Kids - 1:45 p.m.

11/21-25 - Holiday/Thanksgiving Break

Make-up day for photos is December 1

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