My Smore Flyer

“Working together we can increase your insurance protection”

We believe Loss Prevention is a partnership were we work with you providing a value added service that sets us apart from others

We provide Solutions helping you reduce your exposure to loss

Your peace of our bottom line

North Waterloo Farmers Mutual Insurance has been providing loss prevention services to its brokers and policyholders since the 1930’s

Through the use of technology our services have evolved. Thermal imaging identifying defects in electrical and mechanical equipment is just one of the ways we can provide you with a real value you added service that you can benefit from.

What sets us apart is from others is that all of our Risk Assessment Specialists are all professionally trained to provide you with valuable information and solutions that will help you develop a risk management program to protect your home, farm or business.

There are two benefits from a loss control visit. Most importantly we get know you. Secondly we can always share with you information that can be a benefit. During every loss control visit we share with you all our findings. Our findings are also shared with your Insurance Broker. If we identify anything major we will provide you with solutions and work together with you to help you protect your home or business.