Internet Safety

How do I stay safe?

What should and shouldn't I share?

Many hundreds of thousands of people use social networking (aka Facebook) everyday to keep in touch with: friends, family, relatives and more! These are some of these: Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. But many of these have some hidden dangers.

From only sharing a few things people can find your location and you name and other personal information. You shouldn't share:

  • Your Address
  • Personal Photos
  • Your Email
  • Your Phone number
To avoid many of these you can simply change your privacy settings to 'high' normally located in the 'settings'

Do you really need it?

Don't fall to peer pressure to your friend's just because they have it, but if you do get a profile on a website like Facebook or Twitter make sure you KNOW who your friends are! Make sure that you are talking to your friends not a someone you don't know.

What about Consoles?

Many of you may own a Xbox or PlayStation and Wii, Even though they may seem harmless and fun, they also have there dangers. Your profile on there can show your: Email, name and Location. Most games have Multi-player and voice chat, and you can talk to ANYONE who has a microphone that is turned on.

Keep It Real

Everything you post on you profile you should consider before you do!

  1. Is this going to harm/hurt anyone feelings?
  2. Is this offensive or racist?
  3. Do I want people knowing this?

Not Sure What Words Mean?

Social Networks - These websites consist of: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and many others.

Hidden Dangers - There are many dangers on the internet like Pop-ups and Paedophiles, you can avoid many of these. But you have to be careful because the internet is worldwide.

Personal Information - This information is your phone number and other things you don't want strangers seeing or even your friends in some cases.

Privacy settings - The Higher the privacy setting; the better. It keeps you safe from strangers. You should always put it 'High'

Peer Pressure - Peer pressure is when someone nags you to do something like: Creating a profile on Facebook or Buying a certain game.

Consequences - You should always consider the consequences of posting something that's either racist or offensive to someone. The police may get involved if it's bad!

Back-up - This is when your phone/computer backs up things by storing it then somewhere If something goes wrong.

Bailey Lark.