South China Siger Wasp

South China Tiger and A Sea Wasp (Marine Stinger)

Why I created this animal

In my opinion there are too many animals that are endangered. I think that if we gave them an aspect that could help them protect themselves more, like venom from the sea wasp (marine stinger), then the animals wouldn't be hunted as much, and could live a peaceful life. SO what I decided to do, was to create a GMO ( a genetically modified organism), that was a endangered South China Tiger, and use the venom from the Sea wasp to give the tiger abilities to use the venom to its advantage. South China Siger Wasp is a the name I picked for this animal, which is a combination of each of its two beginning resources. The South China Siger Wasp looks like a south China Tiger, except with teeth that have a coating like the outside of a jellyfish, to protect the teeth and venom from any other harm. The venom is kept inside the teeth, so when the Siger bites down, the venom releases.