Al Capone

By: Nick Harris


Al Capone was born on January 17, 1899. He was part of a large family of eleven. Capone's parents emigrated from Italy and settled in Brooklyn, New York. Al wasn't very interested in school that much so after a fight with a teacher he left only finishing the 6th grade. During his young life he had already become a part of a gang and became good friends with the leader Johnny Torrio. He then worked various jobs until he had to move to Chicago to avoid a murder charge. The year Capone arrived in Chicago was the year when congress gave the approval of the prohibition act and gangsters realized that selling the alcohol was a easy way to make money. Capone's friend Johnny Torrio takes over the gang in Chicago and Capone is his second hand man. Their gang fought against a rival gang which led to Torrio getting attacked and resigning as the leader. This started Capone's reign as leader. He controlled many authority's in Chicago and could get away with almost anything he wanted. During his time there were many attempts on his life and lots of people trying to convict him of something. In 1928, evidence was found that Capone had never filed income tax returns on his fortune. He ends up being sentenced to eleven years of jail. He did his time in a federal penitentiary and Alcatraz. He ended up getting out on parole in 1939 but suffered from paresis of the brain. He spent the rest of his days in Florida until he died on January 25th 1947.


Al Capone impacted the world by making everyone realize the danger of organized crime. The way Capone controlled almost all of Chicago made us have to make sure we don't have corrupt government to prevent future Capones. He also transported and sold a lot of alcohol which went against the 18th amendment at the time. Al Capone will be remembered as one of the most infamous gangsters of that time.
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Where did they even find Al Capone's armored vehicle?