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Editor: Danielle Lehto 1884

Three Lost Boys!

Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Fin, and Joe Harper went missing yesterday night. They are believed to have drowned in the great Mississippi river, but there is still hope. Boats set off this afternoon searching, no information has been found yet. If you find any information about these young boys contact the shreriff.

Mark Twain: The inside and outs.

Reporter: Mr. Twain, in your new book, I enjoyed your allusion to Robin Hood when the boys were playing games o the island. Why did you use that particular allusion?

Mr. Twain: This allusion really shows that the boys are still young in their hearts, and this childish game shows that.

Reporter: Twain, why did you have Tom and the other boys wanting to be pirates? Why not some other "Bad Guy" character?

Mr. Twain: Well in my mind, I think that Tom has pinpointed the pirate as the most devilish, adventurous, outlawed character to be.

Reporter: When Aunt Polly found out Tom was missing, she seemed devastated. But throughout the book earlier she seemed to dislike him, and favor Sid more. Why was she so upset?

Mr.Twain: This is a moral. To anybody, when you have something, you don't think what you'll do without. But when it's gone you then have no idea what to do.

Reporter: Thank you for your time Mr. Twain.
Mark Twain and his life on the Mississippi