Wise News and Notes

Week of 1/19/2016

Eyes in the Classroom

Hello Families!

I sure hope you enjoyed your three day weekend. It was neat to wake this morning to a dusting on the ground. We enjoyed a very relaxing weekend together as a family. I was lucky enough to have my daughter join us. That is something to make me smile even bigger! :)

In class we are almost done with our Edward Tulane story. What a great story! Edward is a porcelain rabbit that belongs to a little girl. He gets lost and the story is about his journey thereafter. We would like to create a makerspace once the story is complete. This is a time where kids get to create and develop a prototype toy of their liking. We will begin with blue prints and then attempt to develop a true prototype. If your third grader comes home asking for certain materials don't be alarmed. I will try to provide what I can and will put together a list of goods to help us gather what we can. This should not be something that is costly or needs to be done at home. We will use class time to brainstorm and work together as toy makers. I am really looking forward to this.

I am very excited to share that we will once again have visitors to observe our math block. Word has gotten out that we have some good math thinking. ;) We are also trying small math groups that rotate through the teacher during a 60 to 80 minute timeframe. This can be daunting for a teacher to begin before seeing it in action. Our kiddos have got it down, and I love teaching this way. I feel like I am able to meet each third grader where they are in their math thinking. So if you hear that Hazen or Carlisle teacher's were in our classroom ... they were. :)

Classroom Focus

We are still focusing on using our words when we interact with our friends and building up resilience in situations. I am very proud of the things I am seeing and hearing. We will use the rest of this month to continue with lessons that help us understand and learn about using our words to communicate and building resilience. I believe that both of these are life skills that can help us build our character for the young adults we will some day become.

Looking at our subjects...

Math - Multiplication and Division - We are really focusing on understanding what multiplication and division mean. If we understand this, then we can tackle any problem given to us.

Reading - Finishing our story Edward Tulane and beginning our Makers Space

Language Arts - dictionary skills and parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs)

Social Studies - People that have influenced US history

Word Work- Current spelling groups and no excuse words

No Excuse Words ....

show, they, got, get, drink, have, light, small

Tues. Math Homework

Wed. & Thurs. Word Work tests

Fri. No Excuse Word Test

Upcoming Events ....

1/20 Marcos Pizza Night

1/25-1/30 Great Kindness Challenge Week (we've already started)

1/29 Birthday Treat Day

***Something to start thinking about ***

Making your box at home for your friendship cards.

We will have a Friendship Day on 2/11. This will be a day to pass out Friendship Cards. Each third grader will need to make a box at home and bring it to school the week of Friendship Day. I will send more information in the next newsletter about the exact events happening that day.

Winter Gear ...

Please remember to send warm gear with your third grader. We will take them outside anytime the weather is right. This means it might be cold but sunny. I want them to run and play, but to keep warm when they are doing it. Thanks!