The Daily News

Sunday, August 30, 2006

Human fall in love with an alien?

Yesterday a alien landed on our planet Earth. A couple of people seen them land. Reports said that they saw one of their neighbors run to help the aliens. When officers went in to check out the scene they found nothing but a ufo. No one knows what happened to the human and alien. Many believed that the alien abducted the human. Until a couple days they saw the human, Lisy cortes, walking home holding hands with the fellow alien. Reposters say this relationship is very uncommon.

Behind the scene

How is this relationship uncommon and unusual?

This Relationship is unusual because it is not like we see different species together all the time. Reporters are trying to figure out how these two are connected to each other. While they try to figure this we make assumptions that this is a mutualistic kind of relationship. Which are very/to not common at all.