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Here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home, we have a beautiful open deck in the back where you can feel the breeze, along side you have a fireplace outside where you can gaze up at the stars at night while you are grieving. Come in and check us out.

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You will not regret this decision, we can work with your finance, time, and days that you would like. So give us a call now.

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Rated Best luxurious Funeral Home In Michigan

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Eternal Rest Funeral Home was founded in 1999 by Randy Her. Rated # 1 as one of the best luxurious funeral homes in Michigan, we are here to cater to you. The team here in Pontiac, Michigan are here to help assist you so give us a call, you will not regret it.

We Are Here For You

What makes us different from the millions of funeral homes you may think or ask, because we know exactly what you are going through. Doing business with us, you do not to worry about anything, we will do that for you. Food will be prepared for you and your guest, you will have servants at your fingertips if you need anything. Call us now for more information on what will be included in your package with us.