My reasons for choosing this career are....

* This career seems FUN .

*Meet new animals .

* And you get to meet new people .

Training & Education Required for this job are...

*You must receive a Bachelor's Degree .

*Take four to three years to learn how to be a vet

Here are some pics of vets !!!

the work enviroment

Most vets work in private clinics and hospitals. others travel to farms and ranches.

They work outdoors in all kinds of weathers and may have to preform surgery.

Dog getting reacy for surgery

Job Description is ...

Here are some examples what a vets job is like...

  • to check if they have an health problem,
  • I can treat and dress wounds,Perform surgery on animals,Test for any diseases, I can operate medical equipment such as x-ray machines,
  • Advise animal owners about general care, medical conditions and treatments, and
  • Prescribe medication
  • That is what the job description is.
  • Money

    vets get paid a lot of money.

    $42.54 per hour

    $88,490 per year

    Big image


    I steal have an interest on being an vet because you can be with animals and help them . So when I get older I will steal be an vet.