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November 7, 2021

Kindness Is In The Air

Although our program focus in early childhood has a huge emphasis on building healthy, kind relationships and friendships, November is Random Acts of Kindness.

We have always believed parents are the first and main teacher in a child's life! We love our families, and parents. Our joy is to walk side-by-side with you to build you up as well as do everything we can to set your children up for a lifetime of learning love and success.

Please join us on finding ways to have your child learn and share Random Acts of Kindness. What a fun month - again, one of my favorites!!

As always, please let me know if there is anything we can do for you!

Morning Drop Off

It has been working out well to open our classroom doors a little earlier than 8:00 a.m. in order to spread people out because of COVID however, teachers have a small amount of time in the morning to prepare for children.

Please keep your children with you until at least 7:55 a.m. Again, this gives our teachers the valuable time they need to be prepared. It is absolutely okay to drop off a little after 8:00 a.m. in order to prevent too many people in a space at a time.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Working Together

I remember our two boys loved to wrestle and play super heros and play T-rex with each other and their daddy when they were little.

As developmentally appropriate as this is and good for them, at school it becomes a bit difficult, at times, to keep all students safe, so we need your help at home. Also, some families would not like their children to play this way.

Please remind your children that wrestling, playing super heros and playing guns is only at home only and not at school. This help from parents will really help kids to learn the differences between acceptable play at school vs school.

Lastly, please keep all toys, valuables and personal items at home unless, specifically asked by your child's teacher.

At this age kids are curious and enjoy playing with new toys however, this age students are learning how to share. We have found it is easier to learn these valuable skills with the school's neutral toys.

Thanks so much!

Fresh Fruits & Veggies ALWAYS Welcome!!

๐Ÿ’œ Thank you for all your continuous generous donations.

If you happen to be at the grocery store we'd love if you could grab a few extra bell peppers, pineapple, cuties, carrots, etc. and bring it in.

Thanks for helping us model healthy eating at school. ๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿฅฆ

Parents Corner

Early Learning & Development Guidelines | Overview

Habits for Life!

Hygiene is Important

Please join us as we continue to teach children proper handwashing!

Practice at home as you teach the importance of getting all those yucky germs off their hands. We've been working hard teaching proper handwashing techniques and you can too!!

Ask your child to show you how... I wonder what will happen!๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿค” Will they remember?

Simple, easy and fun to sing while you scrub-a-dub-dub!!

Proper Hand Washing Technique

Classroom Highlight

This week in the Ponderosa Room

This week we had fun making playdough. We read a recipe and the labels on the ingredients. Then we measured in flour, salt, and water. We took turns stirring to mix it. Then we added red and yellow food coloring and discovered that it made orange playdough! After that we worked our hand muscles as we rolled, squished, and squeezed the dough.

Cooking and making playdough at home is a fun way to learn about numbers and letters, following directions, and also develops hand muscles needed for writing! Here is the recipe we used: 1 cup of flour, ยฝ cup salt, ยฝ cup water, food coloring (optional). Stir together, adding water or flour if the mixture is too stiff or too sticky.

Through this activity children learn:

  • Math: measuring, counting, estimating, less and more, making shapes from playdough
  • Literacy: "reading" a recipe, printed words have a meaning, new words (building vocabulary & meanings), articulation of letter sounds
  • Social: working together, manners, communicating
  • Cognitive: following 2 step directions, colors, mixing colors to get new colors
  • Fine Motor: pouring, scooping, stirring, kneading, rolling playdough

November Celebrates Random Acts of Kindness!

Our school will enjoy a special focus on teaching about random acts of kindness as we continue to build kind friendships/relationships with each other.

Each class will be working on their very own book to share with each other.๐Ÿ’•

What kids learn starts with us!!

Examples of the power of words.....

Big picture

What are you instilling in your kids?

Big picture

๐Ÿ’•Let's EMPOWER our kids & each other!

Big picture

What kind of Random Acts of Kindness can you do as a family?

A peek inside the article:

Wondering how to encourage your toddlers and preschoolers to be nice and grow up to be kind adults?


Like with everything else when it comes to young children, playing nice and being kind starts with people in their environment โ€“ parents, grandparents and other care takers.

Teaching by example is one of the most effective ways to encourage young children such as toddlers and preschoolers to be kind to their friends and siblings.

We should always be aware of our own behavior towards our children since they copy what they observe, including our words.


  1. Hug your sibling โ€“ You can switch sibling with a friend, cousin, etc.
  2. Ask a friend to pick a game to play โ€“ This will encourage a child to except other childโ€™s lead in choosing a game
  3. Blow bubbles for younger children โ€“ All children have fun catching bubbles! Abundance of laughter to follow!
  4. Pick toys without being asked โ€“ Adding simple chores to a list is always a good idea! Even toddlers can do simple chores like picking toys or putting away books. You can also encourage them to do their siblingโ€™s chore.
  5. Say something nice to a friend โ€“ Complimenting with sincerity is always appreciated by friends and people close to us.
  6. Draw a picture โ€“ They can also draw a picture for mom, dad, grandpa or grandma!
  7. Make paper hearts and leave them in library books โ€“ Our toddler made super simple paper heart smiley emojis and left them in our local library. Itโ€™s an easy way to make feature readers smile!
  8. Say thanks โ€“ This is where teaching by example comes first. Whenever you interact with toddlers and preschoolers always use Thank you! and Please! It might seam like unimportant but since kids copy your behaviour, repeating these words will root results.
  9. Pick 3 toys to donate โ€“ Over years, it became our routine to pick few toys to donate. By doing this, we encourage our children to share with others.
  10. Make a friend smile โ€“ Tell a joke! Tickle them! Share a toy with them they said they wanted to play with. There are so many ways to make a friend smile!

Check out more ideas on the website!

Fun With Mr. Tom!

Our Safety and Security Coordinator, Mr. Tom, popped in to say hi and got more than he expected. I couldn't resist sharing.

They were so happy to see him, hugs went flying and he was surrounded.

Thanks for the visit!

Upcoming Dates:

Wed., November 10 - District Practice Lockdown Drill

Superintendent Cindy Bear will share a separate informational email with you.

I will also share what it looks like for preschool as our goal is to be prepared as well as teach this is similar to other drills like our fire drills. Keeping kids feeling safe and not scared.

Wed., November 17 - District Early Release Day

Preschool pick up @ 1:00

No class for Ms. Roz afternoon

Wed., November 23-24 - No School

Happy Thanksgiving!