Home Sweet Home

How to build a shelter when stranded on a deserted island

What to do first

When you are ready to build your shelter, you must scout out the area. Are there any trees that can be slept in? Are there any low branches that could form a tent? You should find a good place to put it. Do not put your shelter out in the open because if it rains you will be very wet. Also, do not put it too deep in the forest because if a rescue ship or plane comes, they might not see you. Try to put it on the edge of the forest if there is one, so you can see the beach but still be covered by the treetops Once you have found your options you can start to decide what kind of shelter you want.
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Types of Shelter

There are two shelters that require easy to find materials and are easy to make. The first is a tent that can lean against a tree. It is as simple as it sounds and requires simple leaves and sticks. The second kind is a tepee which is still easy but requires some balancing of the sticks. You put them all together leaning at one point and then tie the top with a vine. then you cover it with leaves.


After you have found out what you want to build for a shelter, the next step is to gather proper materials to build it out of. For both of the above shelters, it is necessary to have sticks. These can easily be found in a forest, both in trees and on the ground. After you have gathered sticks, the next thing you want to find are leaves to cover your shelter. You do not want to find the small leaves but instead big ones. If you are on a tropical island, palm tree leaves are great because they are big and can cover larger parts of your shelter. It may be difficult to get them though.
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