Nations Bank & Banks Of America

From the beginning (Background)

In 1957 the company American Trust Co. and Commercial National Bank merged to form American Commercial Bank in Charlotte, North Carolina. during the 60's the Bank changed its name to the North Carolina National Bank. This was the first of many changes. In 1991 North Carolina National Bank acquired C&S/Sovran Corp and took the new name NationsBank. During 1998 NationsBank acquired BankAmerica Corp. and took the name Bank of America.

If wanting to go into more detail about the merge and how it stayed the same? (NewsOk, Danny Boyd)

Is the Bank of America International?

Yes, this is a multinational institution found in multiple continents. Currently Bank of America has 5,377 branches in the U.S. In comparison to CITI and TD Bank it has more banks found in America. It comes third in the amount of branches found in America.

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Where to find Bank of America

This all depends on the consumers location and how convenient it is for the consumer. The closet one located in our area...

(Yes, these are real accounts)