Black History Month Hank Aaron

By: Abby

Hank Aaron is Hardworking

Wow! How did you do that? Hank Aaron tried so hard to beat the world record. He beat the world record of 755 home runs! How hard do you think that would be? He was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame in 1982. He spent two years as a Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves, and two final years as a DH for the Milwaukee Brewers, setting several records and winning a number of honers along the way.

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Hank Aaron is Determaned

"You are expelled for another week! Why do you keep skipping classes?" Hank Aaron kept getting expelled from his high school because he kept skipping classes to listen to the Brooklyn Dodgers and he wanted to be exactly like Jackie Robinson. Hank Aaron was so determined to listen to the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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Hank Aaron is Warm-Hearted

"Thank you so much!!!" Hank Aaron is very warm-hearted. He helped people learn how to hit a baseball. He went to a Iowa Hawkeye game to show people that he is still alive. Do you think that isn't enough to show he's warm-hearted? You really need to think harder.

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Questions for Hank Aaron

Question 1: Why did you decide to be like Jackie Robinson?

Answer 1: Jackie Robinson inspired me to be like him because I think it would take a lot of guts not to fight back to mean white people that call him a nigro when he's batting?

Question 2: Do you like being famous?

Answer 2: It doesn't really matter, sometimes it gets in the way with my work.

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Scully calls Aaron's historic 715th home run