Library Lowdown

News and Technology from the Old Court Middle library

Library Usage

The library has seen many classes and students over the course of the year. So far, over 4500 students have used the library, with approximately 2700 coming in with classes and 1886 students coming in on their own.

Tech Tool of the Week


Box is a cloud-based website similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. The cool part about Box is that it can be linked to your BCPSOne account via Engrade. There is also an iphone/ipad app.

Teaching and Planning with You!

Remember that Ms. Stellmann is available not only as a planning resource, but as a co-teacher. She can come to your classroom and teach lessons, help with finding differentiated resources, provide you with ideas for lessons or projects, or answer questions.

Adding event instructions

1. Type the following password: ocms0252

2. Put your entire BCPS email in to the box marked email

3. Click Add Event on the left-hand side

4. Follow the instructions in the box below.

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