This Week at Remynse

March 21-24

Happy Spring!

I found it funny to see that today is the first day of Spring and the Sunday forecast calls for temperatures in the 30's. Warm or cold, I wish all of you a wonderful start to Spring! I hope all of you had a wonderful Spring Break. I can't wait to hear about all of the things you were able to do during your week off. I am glad that the weather mostly cooperated with us this week.

I spent most of my break catching up on my shows and napping. It was great! We finally have a healthy household again. I hope all of you are also feeling rested and healthy.

I have to tell you about my little road trip to Waco, TX. I am not sure if you know about my little obsession with the show Fixer Upper on HGTV. I am a huge fan and have been wanting to visit the new Magnolia Market for a long time. My husband was awesome and decided that the family was going to take a quick trip to see The Silos. We had a wonderful afternoon swimming at the hotel and trying out a local restaurant. Our plan was to go to The Silos the next day and then head back home. I used the power of Twitter and tweeted to the hosts of the show about our first time visit to Waco. It was so awesome to see a response from Chip Gaines (hopefully it really was him) about some of his food recommendations. I was beyond excited! The day finally arrived for me to visit The Silos. I could hardly sleep the night before. We head to our destination and the first thing we notice is the amount of cars parked everywhere. I still was ready to shop. Surely all these cars were not just for the market, right? We haul the family out of the truck and make the trek a few blocks to the market. I notice there is a line as we enter, but it seemed like about 10 to 15 people. I walk up to get in line and the sweet worker informs me that they line starts behind the building. Ok, no problem. How bad could it be? Well, it was wrapped around the building and clear across the grounds. Come to find out there was over a two hour wait to get in the store. With two impatient kids and hubby, I did not have the heart to stand in that line. Needless to say, I was bummed! We made the best of the afternoon and took lots of pictures. It was a great family atmosphere for anyone interested in coming with me to visit Magnolia Market. I will try again, just not during a holiday week.

A Few Reminders

As we get back into the school routine, I want to talk about some of our procedures. Please remember that we are to be at our doors at 8:05 am. As I always say, you should be at your door by 8:05 am and not walking into the school or in the parking lot at that time. Everyone should be at their doors greeting children every morning. Please be sure that you have morning work ready for students in order to allow you to be at your door greeting students. This is a huge part of setting a positive tone for our students every morning. Your smiles and warm welcomes are so important to our students and parents.

Please be sure you are notifying me or Ms. Adams if you are running late in the morning. Also, please do not forget to have someone cover your duty if you plan on being out for the day or are running late. This is so important for the safety of the students. I know that is important to all of us.

Dates to Remember

Monday, March 21st
  • LPAC review for 4th and 5th grade BL during planning times
  • ARD Meetings

Tuesday, March 22nd

  • Progress Reports Due
  • Simmons out of the building
  • 4th Grade Writing Camp with guest specialist from the district
  • TLI Meeting @ 3:45 pm

Wednesday, March 23rd

  • 1/2 day PLC meetings for 6th grade reading (AM) and 4th grade math (PM)
  • ARD meetings
  • Progress Reports distributed
  • Teacher of the Year Luncheon-Ms. Davis and Ozuna out from 11:00-1:30 pm

Thursday, March 24th

  • PLCs for 3rd grade
  • Staff Meeting at 3:50 pm (will be a short meeting)
  • Reading Academy @ 3:45 pm
  • Science Bowl during lunch
  • Enjoy a jean day!

Friday, March 25th

  • No school today

Future Dates to Remember:

Monday, March 28th

  • Clap out for 4th and 5th grade to pep them up for STAAR. Grade levels-Please make signs for our 4th and 5th grade students and have them ready to use during our clapout.

Tuesday, March 29th

  • TELPAS rated writing due to Kim McCoy due today.
  • STAAR Writing 4th and STAAR Math 5th

Wednesday, March 30th

  • STAAR Reading 5th

Saturday, April 2nd

  • Family Garden Cleanup Day