Apps for your classroom

Exploring a few apps...


Promotes creativity by allowing students to create and share stories. It's recommended for kids age 5-10 and gives them the control to structure their stories with cartoon characters.

However, this app is not free which some students may have troubles accessing.

An activity that could be used with this app is to use it as a guide for students when learning about turning points in stories. They can create stories and clearly state events like the conflict, climax, and resolution.


This app is used to create and share videos.

Assign concepts and have students create videos in groups then present the video to the class instead of a typical lesson from the teacher.


It can often be intimidating for many students to talk in front of the class or to express any concerns/opinions. Voicelink can be used to engage students by allowing them to share contribute without the audience. They can talk and record themselves, post videos, or share by writing out their thoughts. Teachers can create voicethread discussion links and share them with the class or other classrooms that can be accessed both during and outside school time. This app can promote student engagement and participation in a topic.

Bugs and Buttons 2

Helps kids practice coordination and other motor abilities. This can be used as an assistive learning tool to help those with dyspraxia or other motor issues. At the same time it promotes critical thinking and math/memory skills through many games within this app.

Jungle coins- learn coin math

This app provides an interactive and engaging alternative to learn about money. Gives students the responsibility and independence to learn about money, compare coins, and practice giving correct change through a fun game. This can also be used as an activity for assistive learning for those that may have a disability. This app has voice options for audio directions.