Is Mars Our Home


Mars is 49 million miles away from our Earth, mars is a very Earth-like planet. Scientist have found water on mars, this planet has a atmosphere.

Some of the best pictures of Mars

Benefits for people


We as a society have benefited from previous space travel through technological advancements. These advancements have been known as spinoff technology. Spinoff technology is what Nasa created for space technology that we use today as a society. The bio-suit can be used by athletes and military use. While running track it will make runners run faster. Can also be used on football players in the cold weather, when the coils in the suit heat up they move, when cold it contracts.

Military Use

The bio-suit provides to many different jobs and surroundings. The military uses this suit to heal and comply pressure. When a person is bleeding the suit can contract to stop the bleeding. Military also uses this for extreme weather. When cold the coils inside will heat up cause the person wearring it to be warm. When cold it contracts, when warm it moves and bends.

Gliese 132c

The Gliese is a star that is under a red dwarf star, the gliese does not get sun that can provide us with the recources we need for survival. This star is to far away for any real colozing on this star. This to hard to live in a place with a sun with not much lumonosity.


The kepler is to far away to get any sun to plant and grow food. Same with the Gliese this star has a sun of a red dwarf, so very cold. A red dwarf does not have much lumonisity so it won't be able to hold much life.