Period 1

1491-1607 Harrison M.

Maize Cultivation

  • Cultivation of corn.
  • Native Americans traded corn.
  • Slash and burn agriculture was used for cultivation.

Pueblo Indians

  • Branch of Anasazi Indians.
  • Lived in Adobe houses
  • Irrigation was used to water crops.

Adena-Hopwell Indians

  • Prehistoric culture of American Mid-West.
  • Large Burial Mounds.
  • Extensive Trade Networks.

Woodland Mound Builders

  • Built large dirt mounds.
  • Mississippi and Ohio river valleys.
  • 100 B.C.- 400A.D.

Lakota Sioux

  • Dominated the North American plains and prairies.
  • Used horses to travel.
  • Warriors
Christopher Columbus: What Really Happened

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WXT: (Work, Exchange, Technology)

Europeans Brought:

  • Smallpox, measles, typhus
  • Horses, donkeys, mules, pigs

The Native Americans Sent:

  • Syphilis
  • Maize, Potatoes and tomatoes.

GEO: (Geography and the Environment)

The Geography greatly influenced the lifestyle of the different Native American groups.
The Eastern Woodland Indians:
  • lived in teepees
  • hunted and fished for food.

The Great plains Indians

  • traveled on horses
  • hunted buffalo
The Southwestern Indians
  • used irrigation to water crops.
  • used red clay to construct their homes and make pottery.