Succeeding in the Workplace

It's all about the relationships

Just Communicate

** Always be professional

**Check, Check, and double check

* Make sure your Ideas are crystal clear

**Cater to the needs of your audience

*Not everyone is going to understand like your boss or get your humor like your


**It's a two way road and you have ears...take time to listen

Relationships: aquaintances, co-workers, friends, lovers. You choose.

**Professionalism: it's the way to go

**Keep the workplace clean, it's not the place to have a social free for all

**Personal discussion should be kept to a minimum... your here to work, not gossip

**Put on a smile and use your best front: conflict doesn't need to be brewed

**If they're your boss, it's for a reason. Show respect please.

Breed success: be together, come together, work together.

** Success is created when multiple people come together to amplify one idea

**By working together, you can accomplish that of many days work in just one

**Your idea may have won, but that doesn't mean you can't incorporate the others

**Don't just follow, don't just lead. Work as a team.

**Don't take all of the glory, give accolades where accolades are deserved

Conflict: You can start it, you can end it. Be the bigger person.

** If an issue arises, stop ASAP...don't wait until it's too late

**Sometimes a mediator is needed, if the conflict can't be solved bring in help

*when bringing in help look for a manager or supervisor that won't take sides

**Do all that you can to avoid conflict, if it's not started there won't be an issue

**You won't always be right, so don't act like

*don't be a sore loser or winner...act professional

**keep your cool, try not to raise your voice and become the alpha in the situation

Putting it all together: The pieces to a balanced workplace

You have four pieces that will solve the puzzle of the work place. Putting them together can be a task but it goes like this:

*Communicate your ideas clearly and respectfully: Conflict won't be an issue

*Lack of conflict will help to maintain workplace relationships

*Strong workplace relationships breed a great deal of teamwork

*As a team you will need to communicate thoroughly to get work done

It's simple. Those four pieces are crucial and if one piece is broken, sooner or later the whole puzzle will fall apart and your workplace will no longer be successful.