Aaron welter

i'am a student of southwest middle school

i'm aaron closs welter

i am 12 years old, i'm from brazil, i speak portuguese and english, i come to america 2 months ago and i enjoyed so much, FL is a great place to live specially because of the parks and the non cold weather, currently i am studying at the southwest middle school, although I have not seen much I really liked school and the teachers


SPORTS:i like to cycling, play basketball, play volleyball, play soccer, play handball...

VIDEOGAMES:i have a ps3 and a xbox one and i like so much to play them on the afternoons.

MOVIES:i like to watch action,suspense,comedy movies favorite is:Pixels.

SERIES:i really like animes like pokemon, dragon ball, sword art online, hunter vs hunter...,my currently serie is: the walking dead.

MUSIC:i like a little bit of pop, really like rock n roll, i like guns n roses, avicii, ac/dc...

My Story

my mom and dad divorced, then i went to live in my grandma's house with my mom, my mom bought an apartment in Curitiba in Brazil close to my grandma's house then my father went to canada to work on there, afther 2 months my dad went to germany with the same purpose, still living with my mom, she mets a man called andre paganelli a rich man who led us to FL and now he is my stepfather, now i'm here!