Garrett Morgan

Inventor of the Gas Mask

Beginning of the Gas Mask...

On July 25th, 1916, Garrett Morgan used his gas mask to rescue 32 men who were trapped while the Cleveland Explosion occurred 250 ft beneath Lake Erie. A team of volunteers used the new gas masks as well to intervene. After the rescue, Morgan's company received requests from fire departments all over the country who wanted to purchase these masks. This mask was later used by the U.S. Army during World War I. In 1914, in which Morgan was awarded with a patent for the formerly known "Safety Hood". This mask began to advance more and more as time passed.

The Gas Mask Today...

The former "Morgan Safety Hood" is known as the Gas Mask today. We use this for the same reasons it was intended for, defending mainly against chemicals during harmful fires, nuclear warfare, war, and just about anything that includes harmful chemicals to humans. This is one of the most useful inventions to the human race to date.


Behind Morgan


Garrett Morgan was born in Paris, Kentucky on March 4th, 1877. He was the seventh of eleven children. His mother was the daughter of a Babtist minister and his father was a former slave freed in 1863. Morgan only had an elementary education, he began his career as a sewing-machine mechanic. He later moved onto determine what he would do for his career, in which he was highly skilled in advancing technology. His business was a success, which enabled him to marry a woman named Mary Anne Hassek, he remained in Cleveland with his wife and three sons. Morgan died August 27th, 1963 of the development of glaucoma.