Shawn Senpai


Media and Media Literacy

Media is the main mass of communication and social media is communicating socially through fancy websites that make chatting more fun. Some people like it better than just regular texting because they like how you can share posts with all of your friends and get notifications about it. Whatever social media website it may be, most of the population gets on some sort of social media site/app. The concept of social media goes way back to when texting first became a big trend, especially the way you text to make it “faster.” The famous abbreviations through texting spread to all types of social media chatting and has grown dramatically in the media literacy. Media literate is like a whole new world with a new language. People talk differently, posts a bunch of pictures with filters that makes the picture look better, and within that world, the bar for trend setting sky rockets. A famous one is the hashtag and along with it are other abbreviations. For example #ootd, #selfie, and #tfti. The trending slang words and terms are most often used for captioning photos, statuses, and commenting on photos/statuses. Media literacy enables people to analyze, evaluate, and post messages in a wide variety of ways like modes, formats, and genres. As the media literacy continues, evolve, and expand, it is being engraved in the peoples’ mind. I believe that it is slowly making people forget about proper grammar and get them hooked on this new language. In other words, it makes us dumber. I wouldn’t be saying that if people were on it for a little amount of time, but social media is like a drug to people. Usually people can’t part away from their phones but what is the main reason why? Is it that they can’t text or call people? They can’t find out what time it is? Or is it because of all the social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter? We are getting hooked and people don’t realize how serious the social media can be.

Super Bowl Commercial

Beats in the Super bowl commercial, portrays that there is more to music than meets your instinctive senses. Beats supports their imagery by casting Ellen being picky about certain headphones and after she found the right one, she expressed herself while listening to the music that almost visually came to life. The author’s purpose is to persuade the people exactly why Beats’ quality are superior compared to other products in order to not only increase their sales number and make more money, but to actually appreciate music by adding more effects and high quality to make the music sound better. The author writes in an entertaining tone for people who appreciate high quality music.

Ellen's Big Game Commercial "The Right Music" for Beats Music and AT&T

Mandatory to Stop Obesity

Shawn Chung, National News Reporter

Georgia-The U.S. is the number 1 country with the most obese people and a law has been passed where obese people must lose weight.

An obese 8 year old child, Terio, says he is against this new law and the government can’t force us to lose weight.

“I don’t care if I get arrested for being fat,” said Terio. “If a cop pulled up to take me then I’ll knock him out and run. Ooh kill’em.”

Terio is the top student in his grade level and used his mental math skills to realize that he would beat a police officer in a 40 yr. dash, so running away wouldn’t be a problem.

Terio weighs 180lbs. for an 8 year old boy and he doesn’t have a problem with the way he looks. He claims that he “pulls women” with his current looks.

He said that we all shouldn’t judge others and instead, respect one another. “Ooh kill’em,” Terio said.

At the end of February, the law will be official and Terio will still protest against it.

People will protest against this law but the bill has already been passed and is currently working its way up in becoming a law.

“I’ll get all of my school friends, gangster friends, and all my women to help me protest.” He said. “Ooh kill’em, Terio.”

The Intoxicated Society "the letter i"

In our modern society, people have been growing as toxic and incompetent infidels who do nothing more than insult others in an immature way. Our society has been industrialized on insipid, inconceivable, and idiotic ideology that makes us insanely toxic. The ignorance is ineffable and irate so there’s no way for it to be cleansed. Our intelligence has been incredibly isolated on an incredible amount of incompetence. I wish we could help illuminate this shame and rid of the pride inside of us that makes us feel like certain people are inferior. This is an impossible cause due to the social media filled with ignorance, incompetence, and illiterate comments, all to make one feel inferior in front of everyone. We must accept this imperfect world and just make the best of it.

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World War II

The Second World War was fought from 1939 to 1945 in Europe and Asia. One of the reasons why the United States decided to help fight in the war was because they were in the Great Depression. If they were to win the war, they would've gained enough money to stabilize the economy as it was before. The war in Europe began on September 1, 1939, with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and concluded on September 2, 1945, with the official surrender of the Allied nation, the United States. The two sides of the war were the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers. Within the axis powers, there were Germany, Japan, and Italy. The allied powers had Australia, Brazil Canada, Newfoundland, New Zealand, South Africa, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, and the United States.

World War II was the largest armed conflict in history, involving more countries than any other war. There were 27 other countries that supported the allied powers but could not fight due to lack of troops and arms. The US surrendered after Germany has invaded the country through their defenses. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was sent to a bunker where he was with his wife. He, and his wife, took cyanide capsules. Roosevelt then shot both his wife and himself on the head on April 30, 1945.

Britain was the next big allied nation and they didn't surrender until Germany has sent them warnings. They were threatened that if they didn't surrender, Germany would be forced to use nuclear force. On August 2, 1939, just before the beginning of World War II, Albert Einstein wrote to Hitler. Einstein and several other scientists told Hitler of efforts of the US to purify uranium-235, which could be used to build an atomic bomb. Germany began a project known as “The Manhattan Project.” Finally, the day came when they tested The Gadget, aka the Atomic Bomb. At 5:29:45 (Mountain War Time) on July 16, 1945, “The Gadget” ushered in the Atomic Age. The light of the explosion then turned orange as the atomic fireball began shooting upwards at 360 feet per second, reddening and pulsing as it cooled. Manchester was the first city to get hit by the Atomic Bomb. Britain still didn’t surrender so the next city to get hit by the bomb was Cardiff, the vibrant capital city of Wales. They finally surrendered at September 2, 1945, and the war was over. The Second World War produced about 50 million deaths, more than any other war to date.

Losing the war was a huge loss for the United States because they were already in The Great Depression and after losing the war, they lost even more money. Germany already had enough money because Hitler decided to print more money which resulted in an economic disaster. Germany had so much money that they ended up burning money as if you would burn firewood. The United States was in a state of crisis and was in a huge debt to desperately build their way back up into stability.

World War II was an important war for the US because it led them out of the Great Depression. If they did not win the war, who knows how the US would've turned out to become.

1984 Theme Song

The song Lonely Day by "System of the Down" is a great piece that fits in well with 1984.The song begins with the lyrics "such a lonely day, the most loneliest day of my life, such a lonely day should be banned, a day that I'm glad to have survived." After hearing those words, I imagined Winston singing those lyrics. The beat may seem boring at first but when I think about the mood of the song, it seems like a man trapped in a world all by himself struggling to fit in. They sing "if you die, I want to die with you," which reminds me of Winston and Julia who loved and even promised that they would never betray each other. The vocalist of this song is singing as if he is desperate to be with someone. He is always alone and has finally met someone who is worth following, and live with for the rest of his life with that someone. This song goes on with the exact same lyrics throughout the whole time. The way it's written also makes it seem boring. I think that is the point of this song, to give a visual on how his life is the same, boring and lonesome.

And it's mine

The most loneliest day of my life

Such a lonely day

Should be banned

It's a day that I can't stand

The most loneliest day of my life

The most loneliest day of my life

Such a lonely day

Shouldn't exist

It's a day that I'll never miss

Such a lonely day

And it's mine

The most loneliest day of my life

And if you go, I wanna go with you

And if you die, I wanna die with you

Take your hand and walk away

The most loneliest day of my life

The most loneliest day of my life

The most loneliest day of my life


Such a lonely day

And it's mine

It's a day that I'm glad I survived

System Of A Down - Lonely Day

Media Literacy Reflection

Looking back at the six entry assignments and what I've learned, throughout the year, in this class, is that this is definitely a class that is like no other. Normal high school classes are trying to prepare you for college and how it will be like, but I think Media Literacy is the class that was the closest in getting me ready for the real world. I learned about exactly what and what not to put on the internet, like the social media. And I also learned that all of those false articles that I've read, and fallen for, were actually satires. I will carry this information that I've learned from the class to help make me wiser in what I am told and what I publish on the internet. This class is different than any other Language Arts class because you don’t learn new grammar, vocabulary, or read from a textbook the whole time. You come to this class and are expected to know all the basic knowledge there is to language arts. You read articles, annotate them, and write about them. Of course, you need to be a fairly skilled writer, but this class makes you think outside of the box to see the true meaning of certain articles, what they’re trying to say, and who they’re reaching out to as the targeted audience. I honestly don’t know how this class could have gone even better than it already has because I've never had a class like this that actually teaches me about the real world, not just some textbook material. We read a famous book called 1984, which relates to our world very much and has changed our views on our society today. And it will stay that way, keeping us on guard and cautious of the ones who are in power. I believe that this class truly has opened up our minds to help us think to a further extent.